C6 Ignition Controlled Power Outlet

(updated 3/21/17)

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Do you wish this auxiliary power outlet would turn off when your car shuts down?

As it is wired from the factory, this power outlet is always hot (voltage is present).  So if you leave a device connected to it when you shut down your car, your battery will eventually drain. 

It's a pain to have to remember to unplug everything when you shut down your car.

If you'd rather have this controlled by the ignition switch so it is hot only in Run or Accessory mode, it's easy to modify the wiring for this purpose.

Beside a small screwdriver, all you need is a fuse jumper like this:

You can find an "Add a Fuse" at most auto parts stores, but you will need the terminal shown on the right to plug into an existing fuse socket. 

 ATM fuses have blades that are 0.110" wide and 0.033" thick. 

Here's what we're going to do:

As shown in the wiring diagram below, the auxiliary power outlet is always hot:

The fuses shown in the wiring diagram above are located in the Instrument Panel Fuse Block located in the passenger footwell:

Reach up and pull down the fuse panel cover, exposing the fuse panel:

The Auxiliary Power Outlet fuse is behind the small black box cover on the right.

(Note the white fuse puller to the left of white Delphi label.)

The easiest way to remove the cover is to first remove the blue wiring connector shown above.

With a small screwdriver, pry up the latch so it rotates upward:

Once it is rotated upward, simply pull out the connector:

See the two clips at the top and bottom of the cover?  Move them away from the cover and the cover will come right off:

The Auxiliary Power Outlet fuse is the yellow 20 amp fuse shown next to the yellow arrow.

The Windshield Wiper/Washer Switch fuse is the red 10 amp fuse shown next to the red arrow.

Here is the wiring diagram for the Windshield Wiper:

If you examine this wiring diagram, you will see the Windshield Wiper/Washer Switch in the lower right corner. 

 See the 10 amp fuse above it in the Instrument Panel Fuse Block?

Follow that circuit up and you will see that it is powered through the Wiper Relay #42.  This relay closes in the Run and Accessory Modes, providing power only in those modes.

When your car shuts down, the relay opens and no power is available at the Windshield Wiper/Washer Switch Fuse.

So remove both the Auxiliary Power Outlet fuse (20 amp yellow) and the Windshield Wiper/Washer Switch fuse (10 amp red):

(Use the fuse puller noted previously that is clipped to the fuse panel.)

In the photo below, look carefully at the fuse terminals:

The red arrow on the left shows the always hot terminal for the Power Outlet fuse.

The red arrow on the right shows the hot terminal for the Windshield Wiper fuse, but it is hot only in Run and Accessory Mode.

We want to connect both the Power Outlet AND the Windshield Wipers to the hot terminal on the right.

We do this using the Fuse Jumper shown below:

The "Add a Fuse" allows us to piggyback two fuses to replace one.

The LEFT terminal MUST connect to the Hot terminal of the Windshield Wiper Fuse location.

The RIGHT terminal on the Add a Fuse connects to the Windshield Wiper terminal (blue arrow).  The lower 10 amp fuse provides the same protection as the original 10 amp fuse.

The red wire and new terminal connects to the Power Outlet terminal in the fuse block (blue arrow).  The upper 10 amp fuse provides protection to the Power Outlet.

Here is the Fuse Jumper installed:

Just push in the terminals instead of a fuse.

Note that the ALWAYS HOT Power Outlet terminal is unused.

Be VERY careful that you do NOT connect the Fuse Jumper to this terminal!

With the Fuse Jumper installed, the Auxiliary Power Outlet will be hot only when the car is in Run or Accessory Mode, so you can leave your devices plugged in all the time without worry of your battery draining.

Reinstall the fuse box cover:

Reconnect the blue wiring connector:


And latch it:

Close up the footwell and you're done!  

Use the power outlet for up to 10 amps of devices - that should be plenty.

Here's the power outlet with the ignition off:

See, no power light!  :)

Update 3/21/17

Upon request from a number of Vette owners, I now offer a Double Fuse Jumper.  The original single jumper can be used on either the center console power outlet or the cigarette lighter next to the ash tray, but not both.  Some owners want BOTH power outlets to be hot only when the car is in RUN or Accessory mode.  This new double jumper can control BOTH power outlets.  Here are two of them:

In your fuse panel, the cigarette lighter fuse is just below the center console fuse:

Here both fuses are removed:

Like the Single Fuse Jumper, insert the Double Fuse Jumper terminals into the upper fuse sockets:

Note that this Double Fuse Jumper has the same 10 amp fuse as the single jumper.  This means the total load on BOTH power outlets cannot exceed 10 amps.  

Since most owners use these for accessories like cell phone or iPod chargers, 10 amps should be more than adequate.


You can build these fuse jumpers yourself, but the terminals are a bit hard to find - most auto parts stores won't have them in the correct size.

CLICK HERE if you would like to order one from my Ordering Page website.

Good luck on your project!

Download Installation Instructions in .pdf format here